Yejin & Vivek’s Wedding at Bella Sala in Tiffin, IA

Love at first date?

Vivek knew he wanted to marry Yejin after their first date. He was so certain that she was the one, he proposed to her the very next day. Yejin was a bit hesitant and asked for more time. So after a long discussion about how long it takes to know if his/her partner is the one, they decided 3 months was enough time to decide. After a long conversation of Vivek patiently listening and offering guidance to Yejin, she knew Vivek was the one too. To avoid telling Vivek on April fools Day, their 3 month mark, Yejin told Vivek she would marry him on March 31st at 11:50pm.

It always comes together

We started the weekend at Orchard Green Restaurant & Lounge for Yejin and Vivek’s bible exchange and family welcome dinner. With Vivek’s family being mostly from India and Yejin’s family being from South Korea, this was a great opportunity for both families to meet and mingle before the big event the next day.

It was a day full traditions and beautiful outfit changes. Saturday began with an Christian/Indian wedding outside on the lawn in front of the famous Bella Sala waterfall. With stunning white and gold saris, pale pink rose varmalas family and friends, the afternoon was a picture perfect day.

After the wedding ceremony, Yejin and Vivek quickly changed into their second outfits and prepared for the Paebaek ceremony. A Paebaek is a Korean ceremony performed after the main wedding ceremony to symbolize the bride entering her new husband’s household. This ceremony features traditions like a tea ceremony and chestnut and date catching, to symbolize how many children the couple will have. (Yejin and Vivek caught every date and chestnut thrown their way. Lots of kids in their future!) To end the ceremony, the groom piggybacks the bride around the table.

Finally, for the reception, Yejin changed into a delicate white and pale pink Korean reception gown. They spent the rest of the evening eating delicious food, chatting with family and friends and they even performed a song with Vivek on the guitar and Yejin playing the flute.

Eek.. We need a wedding planner!

Yejin booked with Soirée 3 months before their ideal wedding date without a single vendor picked. With the thought of a bible exchange/family welcome dinner, a Christian/Indian wedding, a Paebaek AND a reception to follow, The Everything Package was ultimately the best package for their wedding needs. Emily quickly began planning and reached out to many vendors to book them. Despite the crazy year of the wedding boom and limited availability during many weekends, Emily was able to find the best vendors for Yejin and Vivek’s wedding at such a short notice.


Venue: Bella Sala
Welcome Dinner/Bible Exchange Venue: Orchard Green Restaurant & Lounge
Photographer: Emily Crall
Caterer: Bread Garden
Florals: Hy-Vee Waterfront
Bakery: Tip Top Cakes
Rentals/Decor: Unique Events
DJ: Clife Entertainment
Stationery: Allegra Iowa City
Bridal Veil: Jocelyn Taylor Bridal & Prom
Paebaek: Oh Happy Day!