Will & Will’s Wedding at the Iowa Memorial Union in Iowa City

The “Spot”

Will Z and Will M met at a party in Iowa City, but wouldn’t be reunited for another 5 years. This time, they reconnected in the backyard party of a mutual friend and talked for two hours straight without talking to anyone else. They discovered they had a lot in common, and were so invested in their conversation that they didn’t even realize they were standing next to a trashcan the whole time. The two have been together ever since! They make sure to go to the same party every year and take a photo in “their spot.”

The One

Will M knew Will Z was his person after a few months of dating. It didn’t take long for him to discover how thoughtful, kind, compassionate and hardworking his partner is. He fell in love with his passion for life that made everyday together fun.

Will Z knew Will M was who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with after witnessing his devotion to his family and his attentiveness to their relationship. Even though they did not live in the same area for a long time, he made sure Will Z knew how he felt about him.

The Proposal

After over 2 years of dating, Will M planned a perfect surprise proposal to Will Z in October 2019 at “their spot.” The home’s owner of the backyard they had reconnected at was in on the scheme and “invited” them both over for a dinner party. Little did Will Z know that the owner wasn’t even home. When they arrived together at the house, all the lights were on but nobody answered the door. There was music playing in the backyard and even though it was unseasonably cold that night, Will M convinced Will Z that the party must be outside. They went around to the backyard and not a guest was in sight, but instead were greeted with the flowers, decorations, and other goodies Will M had carefully set up earlier. After Will Z said yes! they celebrated with champagne and then walked to a restaurant nearby for dinner.

The Perfect Day

Will M & Will Z hired Soirée for full planning & design after we met them at a wedding expo, and we couldn’t have been happier to have been brought on to create their joyful event. They wanted a simple, natural, colorful, and loving celebration with an effort to support local businesses. We had a lot of fun taking their love (and their amazing aptitude for finding them!) of four-leaf clovers in small ways throughout the wedding.

The Wills’ perfect wedding day was full of thoughtful personal touches. From custom monogrammed suits, to beautifully decorated cookies, to having family sing at the ceremony, all of the wonderful details came together to create a day to remember and cherish forever!

Congratulations, Will & Will! We are so happy for you both! It was an honor to work with you!


Beno’s Florist – Florists
Tip Top Cakes – Cake / Dessert
University Catering – Caterers
JMo Studios – Photographers
Dandylion Stompers – DJs / Bands
Allegra – Stationery
The Vine Productions – Videographers
Fine Line Custom Attire – Suits/Tuxes
Borrow My Vintage – Rentals / Decor