Soirée’s Guide to: Micro & Intimate Weddings

Move over classic, large weddings – micro weddings are IN! In response to COVID-19, we’re seeing more and more couples plan smaller, intimate weddings. It’s truly heart-warming to see couples overcome a crisis such as this pandemic. BUT, don’t let the idea of a micro wedding fool you into thinking it’s a piece of (wedding) cake to plan. We have all of the details for you here!

Isn’t a Micro Wedding Just an Elopement?

Short answer: No. An elopement is a marriage ceremony that is often secretive and consists of only the couple and the officiant. Usually, eloping is a spur of the moment decision that requires little to no planning besides packing your bags and booking a trip. Elopements can be beautiful and exciting, but they are different from a micro-wedding! 

So, What IS a Micro Wedding and Why Should I Consider One?

Think of a traditional wedding, just downsized. The biggest factor that sets a micro wedding apart is it’s typically held for just the couple and a small guest list. The most striking difference between a micro wedding and an elopement is the level of planning. Whereas an elopement requires practically no planning, a micro wedding still requires the same careful coordination and attention to detail as a full-sized wedding. Micro weddings still include the fun photos, a delicious meal, gorgeous center pieces, yummy drinks and dancing (plus all of the other amazing things)! 


In 2020, micro weddings have become a great solution to achieving the day of your dreams in a pandemic. But, it’s also a great option for those couples that just want something more intimate. Large weddings aren’t for everyone, and that’s perfectly okay! 

This Means I Don’t Need a Wedding Planner…Right?

We don’t want to say you’re wrong, but… you’re wrong! The biggest mistake that couples are making is assuming that this bite-size celebration means it’s easier to plan. A micro wedding still means coordinating hair, make up, photos, the ceremony, reception design, food & drinks, and constant communication with vendors. 

Think about it this way: if you decided to downsize your guest list and have a micro wedding, you would only invite the people most important to you, right? So, you don’t want to risk having any issues at such an important event with so many special people there to see it either! You’re probably saving money by having a lower count for your dinner and center pieces, so we have good news! Now you can splurge and get more of the things you’ve been dreaming of. You can get that stunning dress that was a bit over your budget, you can have the videographer you love, a larger bridal bouquet to swoon over, and an amazing package with your wedding planner! 😉