Meghan and Daniel’s Wedding at Wilson’s Ciderhouse in Iowa City, Iowa

An Astonishing August Wedding at Wilson’s Ciderhouse in Iowa City, IA

A Love Blossoming in Iowa

Love stories often weave through unexpected paths, and Meghan and Daniel’s journey is no exception. Their tale began on a digital note, as they connected on Hinge in the spring of 2019. As fate would have it, their love started to bloom just as Meghan was wrapping up her final semester of graduate school. Despite the demands of academia, their shared interests and deep connections bridged the gap between them. However, life had a challenge as Meghan embarked on a journey to California and Colorado. The couple’s love not only endured but thrived through the trials of a long-distance relationship, proving the strength of their bond.

Their story turned pivotal in the summer of 2021 when they finally moved-in together in Iowa. It was a specific location that held a profound significance for them – the Iowa River Landing, a place etched in their memory as one of their first date spots.

With the Iowa River as a backdrop, Daniel’s nervousness was palpable, not from the moment’s weight, but from a humorous concern of dropping the ring through the bridge’s cracks. In a heartwarming twist, he carefully handed Meghan the ring from a zip-lock plastic bag he had concealed in his pocket. Laughter rang out, creating a joyous and unforgettable memory.

Crafting the Dream Wedding

A wedding is not just an event; it’s a celebration of love, commitment, and the promise of a beautiful future together. Meghan and Daniel, a couple deeply in love, embarked on their wedding planning journey with a clear vision of their dream day. To ensure that every aspect of their vision was seamlessly brought to life, they turned to the experts at Soiree Wedding Planning. Meghan and Daniel decided on The Essentials Package. With the support of a skilled and passionate team, their wedding vision has evolved from a dream into a tangible reality.


Planning: Soiree Wedding Planning
Venue/Caterer: Wilson’s Ciderhouse and Venue
Photographer: Kayla Vanderwerf
Floral: Every Bloomin’ Thing
DJ: Clife DJ
Stationery: Allegra Iowa City & Minted
Beauty: Salon Voche
Alterations: Leia’s Dreamworks & The Sewing Room
Bridal Gown Shop: Jocelyn Taylor Bridal
Foral Preservation: Scarlet Sage & Co
Mens Suits: Skeffingtons
Transportation: Express Midwest& Lincolnway Golfcarts
Bakery: Deluxe
Jewelry: M.C. Ginsberg