Megan & Nate’s Wedding At Little Lights On The Lane In West Branch, IA

West Branch, Iowa Wedding At Little Lights On The Lane


Meant To (Bumble) Bee

It only took one right swipe for Megan to meet Nate on Bumble and only three dates to know he was the one for her. After they spent an evening eating pizza on the couch and watching a movie, Megan went home and told her roommate that she would be seeing Nate for a very long time. Nate knew she was the girl for him after they came back from a trip to Milwaukee. They were cooking in his apartment when he discovered the Smirnoff ice Megan had planted in the oven. He loved how their dates were often filled with humor and fun, and he wanted a life full of that with someone who would ice him out of the blue.

Beach Buds Forever

Megan’s favorite thing to do in the world is going to the beach, and the couple couldn’t wait to get down to Florida to soak up some sun with a couple of friends. After their first full day there, Nate asked her if she wanted to take a walk on the beach at sunset. Sunsets have always been a special time for them to enjoy each other’s company uninterrupted. They were both pretty tired from being in the sun all day, so they almost missed the sunset by taking naps. When they finally walked out to the beach, Megan was so busy watching the waves that she didn’t even notice Nate had gotten down on one knee. He asked Megan if she would spend the rest of her sunsets with him. After the shock wore off, she, of course, said, “YES!” The newly engaged lovers spent the rest of their vacation celebrating.

Hiring An Expert

Megan and Nate were looking for someone with experience to help choose the right vendors and offer design guidance as they planned their dream day.  They went with The Assistant Package, and we helped them add the unique personal touches and beautiful elements that made it a fun and relaxing day for everyone to enjoy!  It was a beautiful day to remember forever, and we are grateful we were chosen to be a part of it! Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs from all of us at Soirée!



Wedding Planning: Us!
Photographers: Erin Allsup
Venue: Little Lights on the Lane
Caterers: Peppercorn Food Company
Beauty: Sugar Salon
DJs / Bands: Prosound of Iowa City
Florists: Beno’s Florist
Stationery: Allegra
Bartenders: ELDR Bar
Transportation: The City Limo
Suits/Tuxes: Holley’s Shop for Men
Dresses: Birdy Grey
Dresses: Brides By Young