Kali & Robert’s Micro-Wedding at Noelridge Park in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

A May Micro Wedding at Noelridge Park in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Mirco-Wedding Fun

Kali and Robert exchanged vows on a serene Wednesday afternoon, May 1st. While unconventional to some, this date held a profound significance—it marked their anniversary.

The setting for their nuptials was charmingly unique; In the heart of Noelridge Park. The setting provided a picturesque backdrop for their micro wedding. Joined by their dearest friends, a select group of four, the couple retreated to the intimate confines of their own backyard for a post-ceremony luncheon. In the familiarity of their own home, they shared laughter and stories, spending the day with friends and marital bliss.

Meeting with Emily

For Kali and Robert, the search for the perfect partner to bring their vision to life led them on an unexpected path—a path that ultimately led them to Emily, the creative force behind Soirée Wedding Planning. It all began with a simple inquiry, a couple looking for guidance in navigating the complexities of organizing a micro wedding. After meeting with Emily, Kali and Robert chose the Essentials Package. With a guest list of just 8 cherished loved ones, Kali and Robert sought simplicity and elegance, a celebration that would reflect the essence of their love without unnecessary extravagance.


Planning & Design: Soiree Wedding Planning
Photographer: Emily Crall Photography
Rentals, Decor, & Floral: Unique Events
Caterer: Pepper Corn Food Company