Jordan & Jacob’s Wedding at Rapid Creek Cidery in Iowa City, IA

The First Day of College

Jordan & Jacob met their first day of college, freshman year. She had arrived to her Greek and Roman Mythology class, about an hour early, and sat down in the front row. Feeling awkward about her location choice, she moved a row back before anyone came in.

Jacob was one of the last arrivals to class that day, and very few seats were open – except the front row, so he was forced to sit there. Later in that same class period they were put into small groups and asked to share their favorite myths. His was about soulmates and Jordan loved everything he said. In later years they discovered that she had seen him on a YouTube video made in our high-school years by his friend. That video only had 20 views and it is pretty cool that she was one of them.

Within a year of their first meeting, they moved in together deciding that each other was the one for them. Jacob knew Jordan was for sure the one, when they had to spend a summer apart. Instead of growing more distant, they grew closer and wanted to spend more time together. Jacob says that his favorite thing about Jordan is how well they “mesh together,” and he appreciates how much they rely on each other.

The Proposal

Jordan proposed to Jacob on Halloween. She recounts, “I got tired of waiting for everyone else to be comfortable and thought Halloween would be the perfect day. I hid the ring in the hat of my costume and dragged him out to go do a costume photoshoot- it was very cold. I even ended up getting him to record the moment of the proposal without him even realizing what was happening!” He, of course, said yes!

Congratulations to the Gongoras! We are so happy for you both!

Special thanks to the vendors:

Center Stage Productions – DJs / Bands
Jennifer Weinman Photography – Photographers
Monroe & Co. – Videographers
Hyatt Place Iowa City Downtown University – Hotel
Alice & Arbor Salon – Beauty
Rapid Creek Cidery – Caterers & Venue
Lori Costonis-Dyre – Officiant
Sugar Flower Cake Design – Cake / Dessert
Hydrangea Bloom – Florists
Allegra Iowa City – Stationery
Pure Bridal – Gown
Essence of Australia – Gown Designer