Soiree’s Guide To: Choosing Your Hair & Makeup Team

A topic that we frequently help with is picking your wedding hair and makeup team. Most brides have little idea where to start and have many questions. Don’t fret… we’re here to give you some guidance and best advice using our experience working with some great hair and makeup teams!

Photo: Ivory+Bliss, Beauty: TruSalon; Location: Bella Sala

Here are the questions or things you’ll need to think about before contacting any salons.

How many people will be needing their hair and/or makeup done?

Figuring out who needs either hair or makeup done professionally (or both) will help determine not only how early in the morning you’ll need to kick off the festivities, but also will help determine how many stylists will need to booked for your day. Ask your bridesmaids, moms, grandmas, personal attendants, and other close friends or family if they would like any beauty services. Let us know how many for hair and how many for makeup, and we can take it from there!

Photo: The Locket Photography; Makeup by Melissa; Location: Coralville Marriott

Appreciate how long it takes for hair & makeup!

Bridesmaids and moms typically take between 30-45 minutes for hair and makeup each. Brides should plan for 60-90 minutes for hair and makeup, but to get a better idea for how long your specific stylist will take doing a trial run before your big day is highly suggested! You also should plan some cushion time for making minor tweaks to give your stylist enough time to perfect your look.

Photo: Eleanor Kathryn Photography; Beauty: Salon La Di Da; Location Little Lights on the Lane

When should I tell my photographer to come to get all the shots of us getting ready?

We always make sure your photographer is on the same page with you when it comes to scheduling candids of you and your girls getting ready. If you expect shots of your significant other and their party getting ready, we will  ensure timelines are prepared properly to make sure to get those images as well.

Photo: Emily Crall Photography; Makeup: Lindsey Coblentz & House Of Beauty; Hair: Domonique L’Heurex & Eden Salon; Location: Rapid Creek Cidery

Will my bride tribe and I have to go to the salon or will the stylist(s) come to a designated location we had planned to get ready (house, hotel room, venue, etc.)?

It totally depends on what you prefer! Most stylists will come to your house, hotel room, venue, etc. If your planned location doesn’t have the most aesthetically pleasing background and that’s something you care about in the photos, heading to a salon may be the option for you! The main thing that makes for wonderful photos is lots of light. A venue with lots of windows is most ideal for your getting ready locations. Your makeup artist will also want lots of windows in whichever location for the best results.

Photo: Sarah Fridono Photography; Hair: Virtue Salon & Spa; Makeup & Location: Pretty Lane

Is there typically a specific stylist(s) from a salon that will work with us, or does it depend on who is available on my wedding date?

If you book with an individual hair stylist or makeup artist, then that’s the individual you’ll get for your wedding date (obviously). But for the most part, salons will send their stylists for hair and makeup that are available if you don’t have a preference!

Photo credit: Amanda Basteen Photography; Makeup: Lindsay Faber; Location: Little Lights on the Lane

How do I tell the stylists what I’m hoping to look like at my wedding?

Do you want really glammed up on your wedding day? Do you want a subtle and natural look? Professional stylists have tricks and skills to achieve your desired look. They will definitely want to have a conversation with you about what you’re hoping to look like. Showing her pictures you like from Pinterest or from the salon’s portfolio is very helpful. As strange as it might sound, it’s recommended to also have some pictures of what you don’t want. Knowing what you hate is just as important as knowing what you love.

The next steps would be to do a trial of what your hair and makeup will look like with the person who is providing those services. It typically takes a bit longer than the wedding application, because they’re going to be testing everything and seeing if you like the look. Don’t be afraid to speak up if it’s not what you are looking for. Everyone wants you to love your look so you can feel confident on your big day.

What should we plan to do on the wedding day?

There are four things that are important to your professional hair stylists & makeup artists. We always work closely to remind your party these key tricks and tips.

  • We recommend the whole wedding party comes in together, ensuring that the stylists are able to end on time for you. While a schedule may be created for organization purposes, the stylists don’t want to be sitting around waiting for someone to arrive. It’s best if you’re all there at the same time in the same location.
  • It would be great for everyone to wear a robe, button-down top, or zip-up hoodie during services, so that no one has to take a shirt off over their head potentially pulling out an up-do. It’s even better for pictures if your robes or getting-ready wear matches your wedding design & colors!
  • Please come with freshly washed skin to ensure your makeup application goes on smoothly and lasts all day.
  • Second-day hair is best for special occasion styles, but if hair is freshly washed it must be completely dry. The stylists can’t do their thing if someone has wet hair, except for in rare special occasions with permission.

    Photo: Ivory+Bliss, Beauty: TruSalon; Location: Bella Sala

What’s next?

We can’t wait to help you find the beauty team to make you feel comfortable, at ease, and gorgeous! Contact us today to get started!

Cover photo: Frees Frame Photography; Beauty: Aubrey from Flip Salon and Mandy, Carleen, and Martha from Eden Salon; Location: Hilton Garden Inn Iowa City