Destinee and Pathik’s Wedding at Walker Homestead in Iowa City, Iowa

Lao Buddhist and Indian Hindu Wedding Celebrate at Walker Homestead in Iowa City, IA

A Beautiful Fusion

Destinee’s friend Melissa sparked the connection by posting an endearing “advertisement” seeking a partner in the group. Intrigued, Pathik stumbled upon the post and was compelled to contact Destinee. The conversation flowed effortlessly, and they soon found themselves engrossed in meaningful exchanges, gradually transitioning to delightful Facetime conversations. Their connection was palpable from the moment they met in person, and their first date extended into a memorable long weekend. Their bond was genuine, and it was evident that they were meant to be.

Destinee and Pathik wanted to honor their respective cultural backgrounds. They decided to have a fusion wedding, combining elements of Lao Buddhist and Indian Hindu traditions. This meaningful union paid homage to their families and backgrounds, showcasing the richness and diversity of their love story. The ceremony blended rituals and customs beautifully, symbolizing the harmonious fusion of two beautiful cultures. Following the wedding ceremony, Destinee and Pathik hosted a Western-style dinner and lively party, infusing elements of modern celebration into their wedding festivities.

Going with an Experienced Planner

Destinee and Pathik embarked on a journey towards their dream wedding celebration. Living far from Iowa and juggling their busy lives, they sought the expert guidance of Emily and her exceptional team at Soiree Wedding Planning. After meeting with Emily, the couple chose The Assistant. Emily, renowned for her expertise in coordinating Indian and Asian weddings, was the perfect choice to help bring their vision to life.

Emily and her team at Soiree Wedding Planning crafted a tailored plan that included regular virtual meetings, detailed timelines, and meticulous coordination, ensuring Destinee and Pathik felt at ease throughout the process. Destinee and Pathik’s love story was an amalgamation of cultures, and their wedding aimed to be a beautiful reflection of this fusion. From the vibrant ceremonies, traditional attire, and diverse culinary experience, their celebration was a true testament to love without borders.


Planning: Soiree Wedding Planning
Venue/Caterer: Walker Homestead
Photographer: Laujo Co
Videographer: Diamond Label Films
DJ: Clife DJ
Bakery: Deluxe Iowa
Stationery: Allegra Iowa City
Rentals: Borrow My Vintage
Florals: Unique Events
Beauty: Aurora Blush
Bridal Gown Shop: Kleinfeld Bridal
Bridal Gown Designer: Essence of AustraliaMy Trousseau
Jeweler: Wwakee & Cartier
Suits: IndochinoAnkit V Kapoor

thank you note from destinee and pathik to soirée iowa