Christine & Davy’s Wedding at Bash Events in Des Moines, Iowa


“Growing up, I never thought about what kind of wedding I wanted. I always thought about the guy I would end up getting married to and how he would be amazing in every way and that we would fit together perfectly!”

Christine’s wedding dreams came true when she met Davy while on RAGBRAI in 2018. Christine knew Davy’s mom, Deb, and his step-dad before she even knew that Davy existed. When Christine moved back to Ames in 2017, Deb got the idea that Christine should meet her son and enlisted the help from Davy’s RAGBRAI team captain, Sam, to make sure they met. Sam introduced them at Whitey’s bar in Manning and they talked until Christine’s teammates decided to leave the bar. The next day’s stop was in Ames and Christine stayed that night at Deb’s house. Davy stopped by to pick Christine up and take her to a party. Afterwards they exchanged numbers and they went their separate ways.

But Davy wasn’t going to let her go. He texted Christine daily throughout the month of August to ask how her day was going. On August 27th, a month after they met, they had their first official date. As they got to know each other more, Christine realized that Davy was the most amazing man she had ever known. She fell in love with his kindness for others- whether they were friends, her cats, or a complete stranger. He was always there for her when she needed him.

Discovering a “Gem”

In 2020, Christine went to Colorado with Davy and his family for Thanksgiving. While visiting Estes Park, the family decided to go on a beautiful hike at Gem Lake and check out the scenery. The entire hike up Davy kept joking about how they might find some “Gems” at the top. The rest of the family decided to go about a mile before turning back, so Davy and Christine arrived at the top of the trail alone. They walked around looking for the best spot to get a decent view for pictures and Davy led Christine off the beaten path to a small area that was just the two of them to sit down for a selfie. When Christine stood up, Davy kept sitting and pulled out the ring! Christine was speechless and taken completely by surprise. Of course after she managed to get her words back she said yes! Davy later disclosed that he had been carrying the ring around for months but had not found the perfect moment to ask the question.

A Stress-Free & Perfect Wedding Day

Davy and Christine went with our Assistant Package because they didn’t want them or their family members to have any stress about timelines and what was happening during the wedding. They needed a team to help ensure that the wedding went smoothly and that the guests could relax and enjoy themselves while being on time for everything! We loved helping make their beautiful dream day come true. Thank you and congratulations to Christine and Davy from all of us at Soirée!


Bash DSM – Venue
A Special Event DJ & Photo Booth – IA – DJs / Bands
Sara Reus Photography – Photographers
The Vine Productions – Videographers
Rosewood – Florists
The Queen’s Mirror – Photo Booth
Pure Bridal – Dresses
Skeffington’s Formalwear – Suits/Tuxes
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Des Moines Downtown – Hotel
Molly’s Cupcakes – DSM – Cake / Dessert
Allegra Iowa City – Stationery